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Word of mouth recommendations from customers like you are a vital part of how small businesses grow and acquire new customers.

And since your recommendations are so valuable, we believe that you should be rewarded for helping small businesses thrive. After all, with over $100 billion per year spent (2018) on digital/social media advertising in the U.S. alone, social selling is a huge part of the business landscape, and the likes and recommendations of people like you are the foundation of that economy.

With RelyCircle, you get to make recommendations for businesses you’ve had great experiences with. And when those businesses gain new customers based on your recommendations, you get Cash Rewards. Click here to see How It Works.

In short, RelyCircle is THE best social media community for small businesses and their customers. Here are a few reasons why.

Recommendations are Better Than Review

Review sites are notoriously unreliable and often misleading, and unfortunately fake reviews are a real problem on many of these sites. It’s no wonder that consumer confidence in online reviews is diminishing.

On RelyCircle, there are no reviews. Only recommendations written by customers who have actually purchased from the businesses they’re recommending. And since recommendations from your own friends and family are the most reliable, they show up first when you search for businesses on RelyCircle.

As a RelyCircle user, not only do you get cash rewards for helping businesses gain new customers, you also help your friends and family make better purchasing decisions by writing recommendations that your whole circle can see

Spend Your Rewards Anywhere on RelyCircle

The Cash Rewards you earn when a business makes a sale based on one of your recommendations can be used at any RelyCircle business or you can redeem them for cash, which can mean big savings for you.

RelyCircle Customers Get Special Deals and Promotion

All of the businesses on RelyCircle run promotions for RelyCircle customers. Combined with the rewards you can earn from your recommendations, this can mean even bigger savings.

Free To Join and Use

There are absolutely no fees for joining or using RelyCircle.

Ask Questions and Get Free Quotes Anytime

RelyCircle’s super simple, one-click messaging system lets you contact local businesses any time to get more information before you buy.