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Answers to Common Questions about How RelyCircle Works

RelyCircle is a free social sharing platform that creates value for both the consumers and the businesses that use it. RelyCircle is neither an “affiliate” program site nor is it a “review site.”

RelyCircle is all about providing a way for people to share recommendations about businesses they love with the people that they know AND for those businesses to thank them for the referrals.

Businesses can not pay to get listed on RelyCircle, nor do they ever pay for advertising space. The only way that a business appears in our searches is when it has been recommended by one of their clients or customers. When a business makes a sale because of the information you shared, you get Rewarded!

General Questions

People love to ask their friends and family for recommendations. After all, they’re the people you trust the most, right? That’s where RelyCircle comes in. RelyCircle is a social sharing platform where customers like you get rewarded for sharing recommendations with their friends and family.

No. Your search is advertising free and displayed based on recommendations made by your connections and then followed by other customer recommendations.

Businesses that you purchased from, will email or text you their recommendation request. When you click on the email or text you can post a recommendation for that business. You can also download the RelyCircle app to see any recommendation requests you have received.

Consumers (You) can only write a recommendation when you receive an e-mail or text invite from the business. This method prevents people who have not actually experienced a business’s service or product from posting their experiences.

Our first suggestion is to write your recommendation while the experience is fresh in your mind. Next, provide specific information about what you like about the business. Talk about the service or product you received from them and why you recommend others. If you have a picture(s), go ahead and include it. Keep in mind that people will most often make their purchase from the recommendation that they found most useful.

RelyCircle is designed for people to share information about businesses they want to recommend to others. Yet, no matter how much you may like a business, sometimes there are problems. If this happens we suggest you talk to someone at the business about the problem and see whether it can be resolved. No one is perfect and information about how a business handles problems is just as important as the times that they get it right. Share this experience in your recommendation.

RelyCircle is not a review site or a site where businesses can pay to have a listing nor a dump of business data. This means that you will only see businesses that have been recommended by 1 or more users of the RelyCircle network.

Unlike review-type sites where anyone can write and post, the goal of RelyCircle is to ensure that every recommendation shared is from someone who has real experience with that business. You can only post and share your recommendation when you are invited by the business.

No. We ONLY use the basic information to show you if your connections have posted recommendations on RelyCircle. We do not share or sell your personal data nor show you any advertisements. All information and search results will be displayed based on your preferences only.

No, Never. None of your information is shared/sold to the businesses or advertisers. You can choose to share your contact information with businesses on RelyCircle when you contact them to ask questions or quotes.

It is very simple. Click on the Contact Us form on relycircle.com and select the Request for Refund option; and we will issue your refund almost immediately.

Reward Questions

When you share your recommendation of a business; RelyCircle will link your recommendation to the referral promotions of the business. Earn Cash Rewards allocated to each promotion, when others redeem the promotion based on your recommendation.

RelyCircle Cash Rewards have cash value. If you have $100, that means that you have $100 that you can spend towards businesses listed on RelyCircle or pay it to yourself (Coming Soon).

Yes. A feature (coming soon) will allow you to transfer your Cash Rewards to your personnel bank account. However, we recommend that you use your rewards towards purchases with local businesses. By using your RelyCircle rewards at the businesses recommended by your friends and others within the network, you are not only helping those businesses grow, you are also making it possible for other users to get rewarded for providing the valuable information that helped you choose that business.

You can start spending your rewards as soon as you get them.

No, they never expire. You can use them little by little, or let them build up to save for a bigger purchase.