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My name is Jean Laguerre. I am a certified Master Trainer. I’ve had my personal training business for the last 25 years. I’m also a professional bodybuilder with a competitive career that lasted from 1980 to 2004. I’m a former Teenage New York City champion as well as a former Eastern America champion and a 2x Mr. Natural USA Champion. I specialize in strength training ,fat burning,weight loss,functional performance,athletic performance,cardiovascular conditioning,and flexibility training.And for athletes looking to compete pre-contest preparation.

Please contact me for information on inspirational speaking events and personal training.

Fitness has been my life and my profession. My goal has been to inspire, educate and teach people how to take better care of themselves through education, knowledge and proper training. I’ve taught hundreds from teenagers to adults over 65 years of age. I'm also married 18 years with 3 kids of my own. My oldest son is a nationally ranked power-lifter and cross fit competitor in San Francisco.

My goal is to make a difference in the lives of the coming generation so they can be better prepared to carry the torch for the future to make this a better world and a better nation. Most teenagers today are not at their healthiest and most active state of physical consciousness and well being due to smoking, drinking and drugs. I want to help change that. I feel that I can help empower kids to change their ways having been in their position with the exception that I was always driven to become a top athlete starting from the age of 16 years, I was on a quest to become a top natural bodybuilder, despising steroids and performance enhancing drugs for a better and more long term state of well being.

At 18, I had won my first Teenage New York title and by the age of 19 I went on to win 8 local state and national teenage titles consecutively and then duplicating it as an adult going on to win the Natural U.S.A. title twice and competing successfully as a natural international competitor. With accomplishments such as placing top 5 in the Universe 3x and 11th in the world and top 3 internationally twice. Given the opportunity, I want to educate and change the direction that are teenagers are going and I have a teen that is equally dedicated to assist in helping me manifest this change.

Customer Recommendations

I have worked with a number of personal trainers during my 8 years in New York and none have proved more effective or knowledgeable than Jean – I have lost weight and gained lean muscle mass by working out with Him and have had no hesitation in recommending him to friends and colleagues.