Life is a Marathon, let's train together !
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New York City based In-Home Personal Training Company founded by ILDIKO BIRO, with busy New Yorkers in mind. We are committed to help and inspire YOU to adopt a healthier lifestyle and improve the quality of YOUR daily living. At FitNox we train movements and mindsets, a balanced body and mind that can take you through LIFE because life is a Marathon let's train together. We will get ANY client to ANY goal with an integrated program that will target muscle balance, strength and tone while simultaneously increasing your cardiovascular capabilities.

About Ildiko:

I am a Certified Personal Trainer movement specialist and lifestyle coach with almost a decade of experience training clients in New York City.
I firmly believe that there is no one size fits all exercise program or diet, so I develop individualized exercise program and diet based on the individuals abilities, capabilities, needs, wants and goals. I am committed to help you get in the best shape of your life.

Customer Recommendations

I higly recommend FitNox Personal Training for anybody who wants to make long term diet and lifestyle changes, has any aches or pains or just wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Ildiko has an individualized approach to diet and exercise program and designs a program based on individual assessments that meets your needs, wants and goals.

Check out this website, it's an online word of mouth recommendation, and they are a lot cheaper than Groupon :-)))) Recommend it to everybody