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With over 20 years experience, Edward Alligier is a Certified Personal Trainer licensed by National Academy Of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.). N.A.S.M. Fitness Nutrition Specialist, N.A.S.M. Corrective Exercise Specialist & N.A.S.M. Senior Fitness Specialist

At Intella Fitness we are familiar with creating plans that emphasis on flexibility, core, balance training, nutrition, bootcamp style training and cross training. A healthy lifestyle through exercising and eating right is our passion. We want to make it yours as well. We are currently offering a free consultation and work out. The consultation will allow us to talk about your short and long term goals for living a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle or tone up. Please give us a call at (908) 720-5584.

We know what it takes to get results naturally. We are very flexible and will work around your schedule and can even come to your home.

Customer Recommendations

I've worked with Intella Fitness for many years and they are great! Knowledgeable about the body and choosing the correct exercises. They also set you up with a very sound nutritional plan. Highly Recommend.