Yaffa's Living Well
Eat Food & Live
Skin care
1322 E 14th St
Brooklyn, NY 11230
(718) 627-3438

Yaffa’s Living Well is a health and wellness center that was established in 2011. We help clients with their health and beauty needs through individualized treatments, therapies and products. Whether you need to lose weight, detox or you just need a massage, we are here for you. We also carry specialty items you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Yaffa Regev is a dedicated Nutrition Consultant, Herbalist, & Organic Chef who cooks and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Currently, Yaffa is the Owner of Yaffa's Living Well and has helped countless people reach their health goals. Previously, she owned David’s Health Foods for over a decade. While healthy food is her primary passion, Yaffa especially loves preparing vegetarian meals.

Recently, Yaffa spoke at the NY Travel Festival. Today, she continues to help people effectively lose weight and lead health-conscious lives. She is also working on getting her signature veggie burgers into the market.

Yaffa studied at Heart Stone Herbalism School in Ithaca and she is fluent in Hebrew, Turkish, and Spanish.