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Professional Driving Instructor
Cole Jones Driving School Instructor
Plano, TX 75023
(817) 333-9729

Hi. I am Coach Cole. I am a fully qualified and licensed professional 18+ Driving School Instructor. I have been teaching now for over 10 years. I received my “Professional Race Car Driver” Training Certificate in 2002. I am very passionate about my chosen profession and aim to maintain my high pass rate. I aspire to create a relaxed, calm learning environment for my students as I believe this achieves the best results

- Highly sought-out Driving teacher in DFW
- Simplified protocol for parallel parking
- Road-Test Prep
- Signs, Driving Rules
- Psychology of “Defensive Driving”

Customer Recommendations

Coach Cole was an amazing instructor! I had learnt a lot from him.

Coach Cole was a very helpful and thoughtful driving instructor.

An amazing instructor. Had a great time:)

Thank you Cole for your guidance and lessons which has really helped me in preparing for drive test. Your are an amazing instructor and felt really comfortable throughout the session. Thanks again !

cole is great instructor.

Coach Cole is a great instructor. he just does not focus on teaching you so that you can pass the test but he ensure that you become a safe driver on the road. I definitely would recommend him. thank you Coach Cole!

Z Coach Cole

Hi everyone,my experience with my instructor coach Cole was highly appreciated, friendly easy going, taught me all streps. And today I passed my driving test because of his effort.thank you sir for making me a good driver.

He is simply a good human to deal with in the first place. I would like to recommend Coach Cole after taking 5 separate two hour driving classes with Coach Cole. He is very professional is what he does. He explains each and every driving pain point with so many real life instances and examples. He never had perceived judgments about his students and believes each and every one of us will be good and safe drivers on road and encouraged us in every possible way. I failed in my driving tests due to fear and low self-confidence. Each time I go to Cole, he understands me and he tries to bring back my confidence in driving. I never heard of Cole being even a bit rude to his students, few of his students were my colleagues. All of them always waited for days to get trained by Cole even if they are assigned to other Driving Coaches. He is very supportive , Cool , witty , informative person. During the sessions, he made sure I was able to handle the vehicle, significance of signs n quick turns, information about signals, dangers of distracted and rash driving, parking and many more to say. He is open to questions. He makes sure the student is always comfortable. About the experience, most of the 2 hours I spend is all bout driving primarily and interesting conversations about road safety, humans psychology, nutrition, fitness and many more. He follows up with his students on the Road Test Dates and helps them fight anxiety. He is very punctual, he will be always there before I go. Simply, he was my GO-TO Coach, always! I have had sessions with other Coaches as well before I met Cole but I am sure Coach Cole is one of a Kind!

The best instructor!!

I had the experience of only one class with instructor Cole, but it was an experience I didn’t had the whole of one week with another instructor. Very knowledgeable, approachable, wanting to hear and explain, starts from scratch, allows you to drive without yelling or screaming. He earns my strong recommendation.

I am 30 year's old, never drove in my life,coach Cole was my first driving instructor. He is very patience and explain every single detail of driving.he made me a confident and safe driver.