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E-Funding Company was created to work with individuals whether they are just starting their business or are owners of established businesses to get funding. We specialize in partnering with our clients to obtain financing through the use of nontraditional methods. We specialize in start up and existing business that do not meet traditional banking for funding. We also are able to help business owner with challenge credit.

Are you in need of fast funding but you’re frustrated dealing with traditional banks? Look no further, at E-Funding Company we provide fast funding for all your financial needs.

E-Funding Company was started in 2011 in response to help start-up and existing business who have a great idea, business or opportunity but lacked the capital investment to achieve their goals. Our team members came from a background of Corporate America, traditional lending, real estate, mortgage financing, insurance, and tax reparation. Many people find themselves mystified when dealing with credit companies, banks and the world of finance and there is a good reason for this. Credit bureaus and lenders have not gone out of their way to make these transactions transparent and understandable to the general public. E-Funding company exists to help people navigate through these systems, to make changes and take the steps necessary to increase the credit score and the business’s creditworthiness. Our consultants know what will make your business attractive to investors and lenders and we will help you to build and expand your business by maximizing your ability to obtain adequate funding.