Dynamic Wealth Solutions, LLC
Family practice, helping families achieve their own version of financial success.
Financial Advising
29777 Telegraph Rd STE 2417
Southfield, MI 48034

Dynamic Wealth Solutions was founded in 2013, and our team (David Lawrence & Megan Hurches) joined DWS in May of 2022 with a vision of building a tailored experience to each client’s needs.
David’s background is in the Financial Services industry with 9 years of experience including Financial Planning, Investment Management, Portfolio Construction, and spent the last 3.5 years consulting some of the largest Registered Investment Advisor Firms in the United States. David brings this experience to Dynamic Wealth Solutions to effectively build an offer that is built for today’s client.

What Makes Us Different?

- Fiduciary Standard
- Tailored Engagement (Subscription Services, Traditional Fee Based Advice)
- Brother/Sister Team, Family Practice
- Financial Planning Centric
- Tax Planning