Ella Star Divine Guidance
Shine bright the world needs your unique light!
Counseling & Mental Health
161 Jackson Street
Canton, GA 30115
(678) 851-5888

Our goal is to give you the information your needing to empower you and to help you to recognize the light your seeking already lies within you. Together we bring clarity and reassurance. This is great for when you are at a cross road, working on placing boundaries', confused and needing validation.

Sometimes we need a little more assistance on our paths. So I provide more personal and in-depth sessions to help you get over your hurdles that you're faced with. I use knowledge I attained in my certified classes.

Soul Journeys:
Sometimes some of our issues are from our soul remembering things that have occurred before, and even during this life time that we may have suppressed. Whether they are karmic or unsettled energy needing closure or healing. Our soul remembers everything we experience;

I am a Reiki Master of the Usui Shiko Lineage. I have years of experience in this energy healing modality. I use my clear channel to connect with my Reiki lineage and Divine Light to allow the healing energy from source to come through to give you what your body is needing at the time. This is a peaceful environment where you get to just be.

Karuna Ki:
One must have been a Usui Reiki Master in order to receive Karuna Ki attunements. This energy is connected to Divine Light Spirit. It is a soft and powerful healing modality that can connect you to the I Am energy. Karuna Ki assist in uplifting humanity as a whole, bringing in more compassion and diminishing suffering for all on a global scale.

​I open the door to the spirit realm to connect you to your loved ones that has crossed over. Here is an opportunity to get any closure you may need to move forward. So many times we wish we had an opportunity to say bye. I have learned over the years through my sessions that they do receive our farewells and love.