Department of Doody
We Scoop the Poo so you don't have to!
Home Improvements/Services
4938 Wildcreek Way
Fort Worth, TX 76179
(817) 674-7667

My name is Justin Owen and I am the owner of Department of Doody. I started my business 2 years ago with a dream to support my family solely on my own with something I started from nothing & hopefully one day pass down to my children. We ended the first year with 10 active customers…I was ecstatic! Fast forward, we have grown 10x and continue to grow thanks to the many referrals and positive reviews we have received from our happy customers. We are forever grateful for your support in helping us grow our business.

My dream is to build a service that people enjoy using, a service that they wish they would have found sooner. To achieve that, I go above and beyond the call of “doody.” I stay consistent on the day of the week I come to your home, I send a text when I’m en route, I can even send you a picture of your latched gate for greater peace of mind.