Go Organic Lawn Care
The Healthier Choice in Lawn Care
Lawn Fertilization & Treatment
PO Box 680
Oakland, NJ 07436
(973) 790-3638

Go Organic Lawn Care is dedicated to providing its clients with a healthy, green, weed-free lawn while minimizing our impact on the environment. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to commercial and residential clients seeking an organic alternative in lawn and tree care.

Go Organic Lawn Care is a family-owned, 35+ year old business located in Oakland, NJ.

Customer Recommendations

Go Organic is an organic based lawn care company...I like the way they do things, not only di they treat and care for the lawn, but also treating the soil, creating a healthy environment for the grass to grow and thrive

I used Go Organic at my house in Wayne. The service was fantastic and the techs were courteous and knowledgeable. I loved knowing that I was making a healthier choice for my lawn and my kids. Recently I moved out of their service area but highly recommend them.