Jane A. Gordon
Elegant Inspirational Jewelry
240 Central Park South
New York, NY 10019
(212) 688-8600

Jane A Gordon sculptural, symbolic jewelry is designed to be worn for beauty and cherished for layers of discovery. The elegant, organic designs, many with words on the back, are filled with symbolism of joy, success, leadership and oneness. Poetically open to interpretation and conversation, each design supports the wearer in self and inspiring others. Each metaphorical piece tells a story, and combined shares a joyful life philosophy.

In addition to jewelry inspired by inner inspiration, are collections inspired by this astonishing world. Those could be jewelry of flowers, butterflies, etc. or inspired by the intrinsic beauty of unusual pearls or colored gemstones.

Custom designs. Do you want your diamond earrings to be a ring? Has your lifestyle changed so that cherished bracelet doesn't work anymore? The stones would make a perfect necklace. Jane makes your vision come true.

Call me for Private appointments:

* Beautiful jewelry with inspirational layers of discovery, and descriptions written to give you a happier day.
* Jewelry celebrating this astonishing world. Inspired by nature, the earths gifts (gems & pearls) or non-traditional.
* Art, Gifts and Fashion. By me or collected by me on my travels (usually directly from the artist).

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RelyCircle is asking me to recommend myself. Since I know myself better than most, I can say with confidence that I am pretty darned cool! More important to you, my life philosophy, shared through each work of art, is that we make a quantum leap to a better world by igniting joy, success, leadership and oneness one person at a time. This passion is expressed through jewelry design, seminars, art, writing, humor, irony, philosophy, photography, and is often combined, to be used in memes, books, motivational speaking, art, and sculptural jewelry. Please allow me to share joy with you and yours. Note for men and boys: Most of you don't love shopping for gifts. I know the questions to ask about your sweetheart to be able to help you choose the perfect gift. Allow me to make you a hero at gift time, and you never have to shop. Contact me directly: 212-688-8600, Jane@JaneGordon.com Visit YouTube for a few seminars and pearl stringing demonstrations: https://www.youtube.com/user/JaneAGordonDesigns

Jane has a beautiful collection on her site and helps with custom jewelry design of any kind. She is very energetic and passionate person and that reflects in the Jewelry she sells. I highly recommend her.